Associate Partner at Hopkins Architects in London, leading the development of Building Information Modelling. I studied architecture at the University of Sheffield and gained my professional practice qualification at Westminster. In 2006 I joined Hopkins to work on Kroon Hall at Yale University.

Subsequent projects included the 2012 Olympic Velodrome, a new concert hall at Bryanston School and the initial stages of a new 5* hotel on Hyde Park Corner. I am interested in complex geometry, data, mapping, scripting—and in my spare time I cycle, sketch and photograph blind windows.

Blind Windows

I like to find and photograph blind windows. On Instagram and Twitter as #blindwindow

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I enjoy making maps, particularly to commemorate journeys.

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My drawings and sketches can be seen on flickr.

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Personal Geography

I track my movement throughout the year and collect them on flickr.

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Architectural Projects

I have worked at Hopkins Architects in London for over a decade, working on many projects including Kroon Hall at Yale University, London 2012 Olympic Velodrome, and Tom Wheare Music School at Bryanston.

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I have created a package for Dynamo called Miscellany. The source code and documentation is hosted on GitHub.

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